Video Works

Wanting to move beyond the usual performance spaces, we've begun creating more work in video and film formats.  We are loving capturing dance in nature and other found environments. Moving back and forth through the sweep of a broad view of a piece and focusing on gestural and environmental detail is very compelling.


Using ladders, fabric, partnering and cantilevering, we consider the useful tension of working together and working alone. 


Performed by Tomomi Imai, Brittany Crosby, Michelle Solares, and Toni Taylor

Music by Break of Reality

Set and Prop design by David Judelson and Toni Taylor

Costumes by Miki Taylor

Choreography by Toni Taylor


Engrounded Red

Bringing fabric, improvisation, and an videographer to the Bandalier National Monument Park results in a meditation on being in relationship with nature that is profound for us and benign to nature. 


Music by William Catanzaro

All photography by David Purdy

Choreographed and performed by Toni Taylor

Ends of Things

A video that is the first expansion of Pi Dance Theatre from live theatre to video and film. After years of focus on a full stage picture, it is fascinating to focus on the hyper close up individual body parts and playing with the different capabilities of video editing programs.


Performed by Chriselle Tidrick, Maria Carla Spagna, and Toni Taylor

Music by William Catanzaro

Video Editing by Mary Scott and MakeBelieve TV