Tomomi ImaiTomomi Imai

Ms. Imai studied dance with Yoshiki Homma and began choreographing with Dance Troup Sho in Japan under actor and lighting designer Sho Endo.  Also, while in Japan, Imai founded Tomomi Imai and Dancers and joined the Sun Arts project. Her compositions, such as Portrait, Snow Seen, Sunshine Shower (with its disturbing theme of fatal enchantment), and a dance inspired by Kenji Miyazawa's poignant poem "Eiketsuno Asa" were performed in distinguished venues and won prizes in Japan.

In 2001, Imai moved to New York and in 2004 worked with pianist Bob Sardo on her own compositions, Transitions, revealing another dimension of dance that she subsequently explored in Night Tide, Medusa with a long rope, the celebrated Medusa II with a penlight, and Abyss. Her rendition of Oscar Wilde's play finely distills the paradox of Salome. Imai studied Butoh with Yukio Waguri, resulting in a piece related to the calamity of the tsunami in 2011.

In addition to her work with Pi Dance Theatre, she's also worked with Maxine Steinman, Mary Seidman, Infinity Dance Theater and performed arial work with Above and Beyond Dance. Imai's dances are marked by power and passion expressed with fluidity yet marked by effortlessly elegant restraint.


Brittany CrosbyBrittany Crosby

Ms. Crosby graduated from Indiana University with an independently created BA in Holistic Health and Awareness and a minor in Modern Dance and Psychology. She was blessed to be a part of the modern program as it developed, and studied under Elizabeth Shea, who spearheaded the department, and other faculty members. Moreover, she was fortunate enough to also study with guest artists in residence; Ben Munisteri of Munisteri Dance Projects of New York, and Jacek Luminiski of Silesian Dance Theatre of Poland, among others. Throughout her college career, she also performed professionally with Gregory Hancock Dance Theater of Indianapolis and traveled with them to Latvia to be featured in the 11th annual Baltic Ballet Festival. After graduating, Crosby changed stages by accepting a contract with Carnival Cruise Lines.

Since moving to New York in 2009, she has not only continued to study modern dance but has established a successful private Pilates and personal training business in Manhattan as an instructor at One Body Pilates. Since being certified in 2005, Crosby has realized that the study of movement through the technique of Pilates has had an enormous effect on her dancing and her life. Teaching others how to move and take care of themselves has helped her become a better, more aware, mover. It has also afforded her a realization of the staying that you never stop learning.

Michelle SolaresMichelle Solares

New Orleans native, Ms. Solares, graduated from the Alabama School of Fine Arss. She has a BFA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has danced with the Lafayette Ballet Theatre, Ballet for Young Audiences, and the Met Rep Ballet. She's danced in a Musica Nuova production of the Baroque operatic pastiche Il Ballo del Ingrate.